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  • Therapy in a time of pandemic - Things are moving very quickly in the UK right now. So quickly that it can feel impossible to keep up with the news, impossible to know what you should be doing. The government has made recommendations that we should all be practicing ‘social distancing’, and yet the streets and pubs are still filled with people.… Continue reading Therapy in a time of pandemic
  • New premises for the new year! - New therapy room for counselling at 30 Grand Parade Brighton
  • Compassion ‘satisfaction’ and compassion ‘fatigue’ – are they inextricably entwined? - Most people who work in a discipline that involves a lot of empathic contact have probably heard the words ‘compassion fatigue‘ by now. In counselling it can be used to describe behaviours and feelings of therapists that include being overwhelmed by clients’ suffering, unable or unwilling to empathise with that suffering, and avoiding/minimising/reacting negatively to… Continue reading Compassion ‘satisfaction’ and compassion ‘fatigue’ – are they inextricably entwined?
  • Surviving the summer holidays at home - For many people, being back at home with family for the whole summer can feel daunting. After all that time at university you've done a lot, coped with a lot, and changed as a person. Here are six things that can help you survive returning home to your family for the summer.
  • Musings on Confidentiality in therapy - When it comes to therapy and counselling, what does confidentiality mean? I was recently contacted by a company who provide private support to individuals on the Autistic Spectrum. I was initially very interested – I’ve worked with people on the spectrum before, and I enjoy working with neurodiverse people. However, during my initial conversation with… Continue reading Musings on Confidentiality in therapy
  • The influence of architecture on the therapy space - A good friend sent me a link to a recently published paper on the Psychiatric Times website – Strategies to Facilitate a Positive Therapeutic Encounter – which I have really enjoyed and definitely provoked some thoughts. Head over and have a look, it’s open access. The article outlines all the ways that the physical space… Continue reading The influence of architecture on the therapy space
  • About me - I am a humanistic counsellor and therapist, working in an existential and developmentally-informed way. I’ve benefited from counselling myself at key periods in my life, and I’ve experienced the healing and growth that the therapeutic relationship can help facilitate. I passionately believe that the non-judgemental, supportive safety that therapy offers is key to facilitating change,… Continue reading About me
  • Working with me - I offer a free short phone consultation at a time convenient to you, where we can discuss your needs and what you would like from therapy. Just get in touch with me by email, text or phone and let me know when would be convenient to talk. If talking by phone feels too difficult, we… Continue reading Working with me
  • Support with - I’ve been working as a counsellor since 2016 and have experience working with a wide variety of people of all ages, genders and sexualities. Below are a few of the specialist areas that I have a particular interest in, but I often work with people facing other, or indeed multiple, challenges in life. If you’re… Continue reading Support with