Therapy in a time of pandemic

Things are moving very quickly in the UK right now. So quickly that it can feel impossible to keep up with the news, impossible to know what you should be doing. The government has made recommendations that we should all be practicing ‘social distancing’, and yet the streets and pubs are still filled with people. Some employers are making their staff come to work for non-essential jobs, others are working from home, and some people work in essential roles and can’t help being out and about.

Pretty much a recipe for anxiety, for panic, and for fear and anger, even if you don’t normally experience those feelings very often. It’s very hard to know what the immediate future holds, even a week away, let alone plan for the coming months. If you’re feeling anxious, angry, depressed, or even disengaged with everything and not feeling much, that’s totally understandable. Whatever is going on inside your head and heart, there’s no ‘wrong’ way of feeling in this situation. If you have the time and can pay attention to your feelings, then do, but if there isn’t time that’s okay too. There’s always time later to give yourself that space you need.

As of this week, I have stopped seeing clients face-to-face, and am continuing to work with people online (via Skype, Zoom, Hangouts… you name it and we can try it!) and by telephone. I’ve worked by telephone for many years now, and I’ve been providing online sessions for a year or so on an ad-hoc basis for clients with social anxiety. I’m confident that for many people this can provide a good therapy experience, and I want to continue my work with my current clients whilst doing what I can to keep us all safe.

I’m keen to connect with new clients who may be looking for support, either ad hoc or ongoing, during this time. There’s so much about the current situation which has the potential to be deeply affecting if you have any previous experience of being denied necessities, isolated, bullied, or are already experiencing physical or mental disabilities or health problems. In relation to this I’ve also decided to offer reduced fees to people during this time, if needed. Do get in contact if you’d like to explore working together.

I’m sad not to be working in the office at the moment, as I love that space and we worked hard to get it set up, but I hope that in a few months we’ll be able to return. Until then, feel free to contact me about online or telephone support.

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