About me

I am a humanistic counsellor and therapist, working in an existential and developmentally-informed way. I’ve benefited from counselling myself at key periods in my life, and I’ve experienced the healing and growth that the therapeutic relationship can help facilitate. I passionately believe that the non-judgemental, supportive safety that therapy offers is key to facilitating change, and I put this at the heart of my work.

Working with me

I privilege my clients and value every moment of our time together. I therefore work to create a counselling context that works for you, so that you can utilise sessions to focus on your needs. As such I have partnered with Kemptown Counselling so that, in addition to regular working hours in my Brighton therapy rooms, I can offer late night (last session beginning 9pm) and early morning (first session beginning 8am) appointments. I am also proud to be able to offer counselling in your own home

I am a humanist, and work from an existentially-informed person-centred perspective. This means that I’m not here to analyse you, or tell you what you’re doing wrong. I am here to support you in a safe and caring relationship so that you can begin to unravel and untangle your thoughts, feelings and experiences. We can work to respond to your distress and suffering in a confidential space where you can be certain of a non-judgemental and compassionate response. Together we can journey towards making sense of what has happened, and is happening, to you in a way that fosters change. Therapy isn’t a straight road, but speaking to a professional can help you better understand yourself, your relationships, thoughts and feelings and from there develop a different relationship with, and experience of, your life.

I see people as individuals, and each therapeutic relationship I develop is unique and tailored to the person’s needs. I have worked with people from 12 to 90 years of age, from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and experiences, genders and sexualities and I have always focused on fostering a safe and deep enough connection to facilitate real exploration. Through my previous work and training I have worked therapeutically with a variety of client experiences, including depression, mild to moderate disordered eating, bereavement and loss, and later-life/third-life transitions. I’m open to short and long term work, and to taking things at the pace and consistency that works for you.

I’m a member of the BACP, and as such I adhere to their ethical framework, and I have a children and adult workforce DBS check.


My journey to counselling has been varied; I’ve always had a passion for making sense of my experience and the world around me, and that curiosity has led me in ever closer circles towards my current passion for understanding the phenomenological, experiential, and lived experience of individuals.

Learning and research had always been at the core of my life, and as I’ve grown older my interests have moved from pursuing an understanding of the building blocks of the universe, through to the origins of Western civilisation and the experiences of our ancestors, and now into the present day experience of individuals and how we live our lives. I am fundamentally curious about how we identify and understand our experiences, and how we build and create meaning in our lives.

Reading, thinking critically and writing about my thoughts, experiences and philosophical approach are a key part to continuing my development as a therapist. You can see some of this work here on this site.


During my working life I’ve studied extensively, at Imperial College London, Kings College London and University College London, and I have a BA, MSc and a PhD in archaeology and related fields. I bring this intellectual experience, critical perspective and understanding of human experience to my clinical counselling practice. Since shifting my focus to the individual, I have completed the NCFE Level 2 and 3 in Counselling, and a
2-year PGDip in Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counselling at the University of Brighton.

Charities I support

As part of my personal ethical philosophy I usually volunteer my time as a therapist. With the recent move and pandemic, I have ended my most recent charity work. My post recent role as as a Child and Young Person Counsellor at Sussex Community Development Association, where I also worked in the specialist Suicide Service and Sexual Assault Services, as well as counselling adults.

I have previously worked with Cruse Bereavement Care as a Counsellor, the Samaritans as a Listener, and the Tarner Project in Brighton as a Youth Worker.

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