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New Open Archaeometry Journal!

How exciting! I just saw (thanks to Alun) that a new Open-Access ‘Open Archaeometry’ Journal is starting up. Full peer review, and the blurb they’ve posted looks promising. This could be really exciting – I hope they get it going.

Current archaeological-science journals are Archaeometry and Journal of Archaeological Sciences. The later scores well on the ‘impact assessment’ ratings. Both the journals are great from my perspective, particularly Archaeometry for glasses and statistical methods, but to have an open-access journal would be amazing.

It’d be particularly great for real archaeologists in the field to be able to see what we do, and how it could be useful to them on their projects. I’d also like to be able to support the open-access concept professionally, so I’d love to be able to submit articles to an open journal if it pulls together good peer reviewing etc. As the publishers say, “The future of scientific information is open access“!

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