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New Open Archaeometry Journal!

How exciting! I just saw (thanks to Alun) that a new Open-Access 'Open Archaeometry' Journal is starting up. Full peer review, and the blurb they've posted looks promising. This could be really exciting - I hope they get it going. Current archaeological-science journals are Archaeometry and Journal of Archaeological Sciences. The later scores well on… Continue reading New Open Archaeometry Journal!

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LAMAS conference 2010!

The London and Middlesex Archaeological Society will be holding their annual conference on the 13th March, 2010! The venue is the Western Theatre, Museum of London, with the morning session starting at a very leisurely 11am, finishing up about 6pm I expect. Cost (inclusive of afternoon tea) will be: LAMAS Members: £8.00 Non-Members: £10.00. Tickets… Continue reading LAMAS conference 2010!

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New Egyptian workers’ tombs

"CAIRO – Egyptian archaeologists discovered a new set of tombs belonging to the workers who built the great pyramids, shedding light on how the laborers lived and ate more than 4,000 years ago, the antiquities department said Sunday". Now I'm not an Egyptologist by any means, but like most archaeologists I'm more interested in every-day… Continue reading New Egyptian workers’ tombs

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Neanderthals wore body paint?

A team led by Professor Joao Zilhao from Bristol University working at two sites in Murcia, Spain, have found evidence of shells containing pigment residue dating to 50,000 years ago on a Neanderthal site. This includes lumps of a yellow pigment, red powder mixed with reflective black material, and the shells themselves which were coated… Continue reading Neanderthals wore body paint?