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8th Experimental Archaeology Conference, 2014

Once again things have been quiet here during the end of 2013 as I’ve been working on supporting colleagues in Oxford who are producing the 8th edition of the UK Experimental Archaeology Conference. I think it went very well, with the organisers Christophe Snoeck & Chelsea Budd doing a great job and Merton College providing an excellent venue.

If you’re interested in what the conference is about, check out the programme over at the conference website and archive, which I created back in 2012 and manage today. It’s a thoroughly interdisciplinary meeting with academics, craftspeople and experimenters from all over western Europe. I’ve met some great people over the last few years and I absolutely love attending every year. The atmosphere is very inclusive and open, and if you do any experimental work I’d encourage you to attend. The organisers usually make every effort to fit in as many papers as they can, and there’s traditionally at least one afternoon of demonstrations by experienced crafts people of experimenters.

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