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British archaeology ahead of the US – but still falling short

Having just down-loaded and read the Jan 2009 Society for American Archaeology’s Archaeological Record in order to read the Killick and Goldberg article entitled A Quiet Crisis in American Archaeology (all about how Europe and Britain are outstripping the US in terms of archaeological science), I was pretty shocked by a statement in a later… Continue reading British archaeology ahead of the US – but still falling short

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International Symposium on Archaeometry, Tampa

So, preparations underway for the 38th International Symposium on Archaeometry, Tampa, Florida, 10th-15th May, 2010. Some of my colleagues and I hope to attend to present posters and papers, and as it looks like we've all got funding from the university, I booked the flights today! If you're interested in going, the submission date for… Continue reading International Symposium on Archaeometry, Tampa

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Texas Death Row records

A friend linked me to the online archive of the 'Offender Information' and recorded statements of those executed by the State of Texas since around 1982. It's fascinating, in a really horrific and heart-rending way. I should say that I am opposed to the death penalty, though I haven't overly examined the issue beyond considering… Continue reading Texas Death Row records