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TA’s thoughts: teaching ‘gender’ in Roman culture

Context Being a Teaching Assistant has led to a few realisations in the last few months. One particularly noteworthy point occurred last week. A colleague and I were covering a two hour lecture in the Introduction to Roman archaeology course for first year undergraduates. The course itself is core for the Classical Archaeology students, and… Continue reading TA’s thoughts: teaching ‘gender’ in Roman culture

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Crosby Garrett helmet goes for £2,000,000

I just watched the Christie's auction online. I thought things were going well when lots of the items failed to sell, or went for the lowest estimate. Unfortunately that didn't happen to the Crosby Garrett Roman cavalry helmet that I analysed a couple of weeks ago. In the end it went for a round £2,000,000.… Continue reading Crosby Garrett helmet goes for £2,000,000

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Success in Huttenberg

Well, I say Huttenberg, but to be honest I think I visited the village once! The trip to Austria went really well. Not only did I have an absolutely fantastic time in a beautiful country eating fantastic food and drinking suprisingly nice beer (I am not a beer drinker normally!) but the site... the material… Continue reading Success in Huttenberg

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pXRF of a Roman parade helmet

Just a quick preliminary post on work I hope to undertake next week - taking the Institute's portable XRF machine out to take a peek at this beautiful Roman period military parade helmet. I don't have any pictures yet, because the ones I've seen are all copyright of Christie's who are the auctioneer, but it's… Continue reading pXRF of a Roman parade helmet