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Tips for submitting the thesis

The process of submitting your thesis in hard copy for the viva exam is often not particularly high on the list of worries towards the end of the write-up. If you're pushed for time, you're likely more concerned about finishing and polishing the conclusion, or receiving those last-minute comments and corrections from supervisors. However, the… Continue reading Tips for submitting the thesis

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Literature Reviews

So in my continuing quest to better understand the literature review process, I've been reading Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates by Wallace and Wray (2006). I'm not going to do a review, but suffice to say it's a good book. It's actually pretty complex, and delivers more than the title might promise. I'm still… Continue reading Literature Reviews

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How to do a Literature Review – Lectures on YouTube

I don't know why I was surprised to find so many videos about how to do literature reviews on YouTube. Following my first year review, I'm having to focus on this so I thought I'd see what other people have to say. I, like many graduate students, hate doing literature reviews. From what I've noted… Continue reading How to do a Literature Review – Lectures on YouTube

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New projects and anticipation!

So here at Finds and Features life's been pretty hectic. Not only do I have a bunch of deadlines, but I've just moved house! On the up side, I now have a large room in a lovely flat with lovely people, and even some shelves of my own. On the down side, all my photocopies… Continue reading New projects and anticipation!