Kink friendly counselling in Manchester

‘Kink friendly’ or ‘kink aware’ are umbrella terms sometimes used to describe professionals who are familiar with, and empathic and understanding towards, people with diverse sexual preferences and lifestyles.

I believe that counselling and therapy work best when you feel safe and able to share yourself and your world completely. This can be difficult if you’re worried that your counsellor will judge you for your sexual preferences or the way your relationships work. I offer an empathic, understanding and non-judgemental approach so that you can talk honestly about your self and your experiences. Being able to talk about your life without worrying about your therapist being shocked or not understanding your language or preferences can take away some of your anxiety and make seeking support easier.

I am not a sex therapist, but if you are looking for counselling or therapy regarding relationships, depression, anxiety, bereavement, loss, self and body that is kink-friendly and open-minded, then please get in contact. We can explore your needs and what would be helpful for you, and whether kink is part of you reasons for coming to therapy or not, you can be certain that I will meet you in a non-judgemental, professional and valuing manner.