Counselling in your home

Are you looking for counselling but unsure if you want to visit a therapy practice?

There are lots of reasons for wanting to have counselling in your own home. If you have a busy home life, caring responsibilities, or work long hours it can be difficult to find time to travel to a counselling appointment. Perhaps you have reduced mobility or a disability that has made it difficult for you to access counselling and therapy in the past. Sometimes it can be difficult to plan around home, work and life, or perhaps you’re just interested in how counselling at home works and whether it might help you.

When I started working in people’s homes in 2017 I was surprised that so few of my colleagues were willing to visit their clients at home. Whilst I do work in a therapy room and it can offer us some benefits, I’ve learnt that there are also advantages to working in a client’s home. As long as we can arrange to sit together somewhere private and relatively undisturbed for the 50 mins of the session there’s no reason that counselling can’t work just as well in your home as in a therapy room – and sometimes it works much better. You may find you’re more relaxed, feel safer and more settled at home than in a strange room, which may help you access and talk about your self and your experiences.

If you have agoraphobia, anxiety or have experienced trauma it can be helpful to begin a counselling relationship somewhere you are familiar with and can control. If you are struggling with experiences such as bereavement or loss that occurred in, or are strongly tied to, your home or in a space where you should have been safe then having someone beside you to work with that in the home can be helpful. Hoarding, depression, disordered eating and relationship problems can be related to, and play out within, the home in a way that can be useful to work with directly. Whatever your experience or needs, counselling at home may be worth considering.

I am experienced at working with people in their own homes, and happy to talk to you about how this could work for you. If you live in Brighton, Hove, or the surrounding area I can come to you. There’s no extra charge for home visits, and I hold a children and adult services DBS certificate and am fully insured and registered with the BACP. I recognise that being invited to work with you in your home is a privilege, and you can be assured I will deliver the same high quality, non-judgemental, professional and confidential service as you would receive in my therapy practice rooms.

Get in touch with me by email or phone; I’m happy to answer any questions you might have and we can connect before I visit your home.