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Outreach at the Wellcome Elements (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) event

Undertaking portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometry of metallic objects at the Wellcome Collection, June 2012. Image copyright: Wellcome Images Wow! As you can see, we had a busy time at the Wellcome Collection Elements - Gold, Silver and Bronze  night. I was running the assaying stand, where we using a very nice Olympus Gold Xpert portable… Continue reading Outreach at the Wellcome Elements (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) event

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Wellcome Collection ‘Elements’ night

On Friday the 22nd of June I shall be taking part in the Wellcome Collection's Elements Gold, Silver, Bronze (aka copper and tin) night here in London. It looks to be a pretty action-packed evening with everything from opera singers to alchemists, debates to silversmithing demonstrations. It's on between 7:30pm - 11:00pm on a free,… Continue reading Wellcome Collection ‘Elements’ night

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Archaeology in Crisis?

I received an email a while back and completely forgot to mention this: Schlanger, N., and Aitchison, K. (eds) (2010), Archaeology and the Global Economic Crisis. Tervuren: Culture Lab Éditions. Note, i.a., chapters 4 (by Kenneth Aitchison, with annex 1 at end of volume) and 5 (by Anthony Sinclair) on the prospects for archaeology… Continue reading Archaeology in Crisis?

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What are these blog thingies? A response to ‘Blogging Anthropology…’

Anyone into digital archaeology or blogging archaeology and anthropology will have noticed the wave of dislike and irritation that has been spreading through the online communities as a result of the American Anthropologist Journal article on 'Blogging Anthropology: Savage Minds, Zero Anthropology and AAA blogs'. (That's an open link to the PDF - don't know… Continue reading What are these blog thingies? A response to ‘Blogging Anthropology…’

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Blogs – Ken Aitchison and Paul Belford

Blog links Just stumbled across a blog I thought it would be worth sharing – Ken Aitchison, who is Head of Projects and Professional Development at the Institute For Archaeologists (ie he’s 2nd in the IFA head-honchos list). From his blog he seems like an amiable enough chap, and he’s been kind enough to post… Continue reading Blogs – Ken Aitchison and Paul Belford

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News – Museum Visitor Figures 2008

Museums and Attractions Attendance List 2008! Wikimedia Image Copyright Andrew DunnThe Guardian’s recent article alerted me to the fact that the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions visitor numbers list was out for 2008. No suprises over the top ten being London-based – more surprise for me personally that my favourite museum (National Army Museum) isn’t… Continue reading News – Museum Visitor Figures 2008