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Articles and theses

Fillery-Travis, R., 2015. Iron Production in the Western Roman Empire: a diachronic study of technology and society based on two archaeological sites. Unpublished thesis: University College London. (Thesis) (Appendices)

I ran out of energy to work this into a publication after I submitted it. Part of the problem is that it’s an integrative piece of work – combining Classical archaeology, archaeometry and a good chunk of other related disciplines. At its heart, this work is about trying to find out about people; what their lives were like and who they were. Because I generate conclusions from so many different forms of evidence I was just left with very little idea of how to get the work published without splitting it into pieces.

Fillery-Travis, R., 2012. Multidisciplinary analysis of Roman horse-and-rider brooches from Bosworth in Schrüfer-Kolb, I. (ed.) More than just Numbers? The role of science in Roman archaeology, Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplementary Series 91, Portsmouth RI,135-162

I wanted to call this one “Mars riding on the Bosworth Battlefield” but apparently that wasn’t sensible enough. I wish now that I had never given in to the advice to be ‘sensible’ at all! This quite large piece is derived from the work I undertook as part of my Masters thesis at UCL.

Fillery-Travis, R., 2011. Report on the XRF analysis of the Crosby Garrett Helmet. In Worrell, S., and Pearce, J., II Finds reported under the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Britannia 42, 405. (excerpt from the full article)

I keep meaning to publish this one properly, as the Crosby Garrett helmet was extremely famous for a short period of time and as far as I know I conducted the only analysis of its actual composition. There are a lot of caveats on the data, and my actual report to the Portable Antiquities Scheme was bigger than the brief except above. I remain quite ambivalent about this work, not least because the data was originally published without attribution to me at all, but particularly because the piece was very vigorously restored prior to my analysis and ultimately ended up in private hands.

Fillery-Travis, R., in press. Analysis of the Altbergbau 1 debris. In Cech, B., (ed).

There are actually two articles published in books edited by Brigitte Cech, analysing material from Huttenberg and associated sites, which I will be uploading shortly.

Reviews and reports

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