I like to learn.

I liked to solve problems, develop systems, synthesise vastly different information sources down to useful conclusions, and I like to communicate. I get a real kick out of bringing my data to a room of like-minded people and working out how to do things better. I absolutely love data – I love making it make sense, be that with databases, or graphs, or multivariate statistics. I also love maps, though I don’t get to use GIS much these days.

I’ve worked for multinationals, for local government, for a central government quango, for a charity, and for Higher Education. I’ve done public outreach, run conferences, written websites and twitter accounts, even performed a comedy set to 400 people in the name of engagement. I’ve also taught classes at undergraduate and postgraduate level, presented at conferences, worked with young people from 8 to 18, and been trained to work with people in emotional crisis.

I’ve a BA, an MSc, and a multidisciplinary PhD. I have a number of academic publications, but most of my writing has been delivered internally to the organisations I’ve worked in.

I try and put my time into doing things that make the world better – even if that’s just a little bit at a time, one person at a time. I am political. I do write ‘useful’ pieces, but predominantly I write here as a way of exploring my thoughts, rather than as a way of publishing finished, polished pieces. I hope you enjoy what you read here.

You can contact me at r dot fillery dot travis @ googlemail dot com.