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7th Experimental Archaeology Conference

Things have been, and probably will continue to be quiet here, as I’m using all my blogging brain over at the Experimental Archaeology Conference Website.

With support from Roeland Paardekooper, I’ve written and currently run the Conference’s website, which contains the archive of abstracts from all of the past conferences, as well as a substantial number of the academic posters (in PDF form) which have been presented at the conference.

The aim of the website is to provide a single, permanent place for information on the conference, which is running annually, as well as an archive of information from all past conferences. This is particularly important because material presented at the conference is not always published immediately, and with many contributors coming from museums, craft and public engagement contexts there is often little time for publication. We hope that the website, visible as it is on web searches, will enable other researchers to at least find out when someone is working on similar subjects or material and help them reach fellow researchers.

As you can imagine, developing the content and keeping the website up to date on the approach to the conference takes a lot of time, so you likely won’t see me back here for a few weeks! Do pop over and visit the website, as we will have an online poster session with downloadable copies of the posters from this year’s conference.

The 8th Experimental Archaeology Conference will run in early-mid January 2014, and you can follow updates on the conference on the Twitter stream I also manage.

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