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International Symposium on Archaeometry 2012, Leuven Belgium

The International Symposium on Archaeometry (ISA) is a week-long conference that’s held biennially. It’s the big conference for archaeologists who use scientific techniques to generate data on archaeological sites, objects or issues. This year it was in Leuven, Belgium, and I was extremely pleased to win funding from the UCL Graduate School and the Institute of Archaeology to attend.

I was presenting a poster on my work on the Roman period iron production debris from the Clatworthy site in Exmoor region of the UK. I also did my best to live-tweet the conference papers, which quickly snow-balled into a very large number of tweets and discussions on twitter. I’ve organised these using Storify, and you can find them by day below:

This was the first ISA where the organisers utilised Twitter, and although I didn’t manage to find anyone else actively tweeting the conference I think that there was a slow but generally positive move towards relying more on digital technology. There was even talk of not producing physical copies of the gigantic (400+ pages) conference programme next time!

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