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Teaching finished for the year!

Well, that’s the last of the papers marked and handed back to the course co-ordinator – my teaching is officially over for the year!

I have to admit it’s been absolutely fantastic. I get a massive rush out of helping people learn new things, and I have been lucky enough to hold two teaching assistant (TA) posts this term which have both involved formal teaching as well as seminars, demonstration sessions and primary and second marking. My mind is buzzing with ideas for the courses – I’m only hoping I’ll get the chance to TA again and put some my thoughts into practice.

It’s been a steep learning curve, and one I’m eager to continue on: so eager I am currently taking a formal course to gain Higher Education Academy (HEA) accreditation at ‘Associate’ level. That’s been rather mind-blowing for its own reasons, but I’ll tackle that later. For now, I should saw well done to all the students and fingers-crossed for your final grades, and point out that my teaching CV is now up on WouldLikeToTeach if anyone is interested.

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