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Historical Metallurgy Society

For anyone who’s interested in the study of ancient and indeed industrial metal working and production, can I recommend the lovely Historical Metallurgy Society?

I am obviously a little biased in this respect as I am involved with the Society, but that’s because;

a) the work they help to publish and coordinate is really interesting, and
b) they are lovely people to work with!

I’m reminded of this largely because I have completely forgotten to pay my subscription (which is only £6 for students!) and consequently I haven’t received a copy of the newsletter (HMSNews) which means that once again it is only from someone else’s comments that I know my last conference review has been published.

If you’re working on sites with metallurgical debris, on debris itself or just interested in the history of industries, I can thoroughly recommend the society. And if you’re a student it’s a bargain!

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