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How to produce an academic poster: someone elses’s good opinions!

A few months back I produced a couple of posters for an international conference, and you lot were kind enough to offer lots of suggestions etc., which was really helpful.

I did a lot of research on the internet – they don’t do classes in that kind of stuff at university, that would be too useful! – and although I came across a reasonable amount of examples, I didn’t actually find any good tutorials. Most were either out of date and not much use for modern technology or were rather subject specific.

However recently I saw this site posted on twitter and having read through it I was really impressed. I wish I had found this before writing my posters!

Check out Trinker Media’s post on posters (first of three parts).

One thing I will say. I was at an international biennial conference and some people actually made posters put together out of multiple pieces of A4 paper.

Seriously, this is not a good idea.

Some people examined them, mostly with a look of astonishment and disbelief on their face, but no one took them seriously. Don’t do it!

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