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To Huttenberg, and beyond!

Well it’s been a busy couple of days here!

Things have been a little stressful with the analysis of the Crosby Garret Roman cavalry parade/sports helmet. Not allowed to say much about that unfortunately, but will hopefully update at some point in the distant future after the sale and everything has settled down. The analysis went well though, and although we were pushed for time I managed a good number of analyses over a wide selection of areas, so I’m pleased with that.

Here’s a selection of the internet pieces on the helmet:

M&H on the Tullie House appeal
BBC news piece with Georgie from Christies
Wikipedia entry (not convinced it’s correct though)
Tullie House appeal
Guardian newspaper
PAS news statement
Harry Mount at the Telegraph opinion piece
Telegraph news piece

On a more personal note, I’m flying to Austria on the 28th of this month! I know, a surprise for me too. My supervisor had been talking about some material from the Huttenberg area for some time, but it’s only in the last week that things have come together. Which is great, as this is the Ferrum Noricum area that I’ve mentioned before, but a little inconvenient as I have to travel there to sample before the 3rd October!

This has necessitated two rather rushed ’emergency’ funding applications to the department and the Graduate awards scheme, in the hope that I can get money for the cost of such an activity. Inconveniently the trip falls between a change in funding structures so I can’t access the money that would normally be put aside for this from my funding body, the AHRC.

But we are pressing on, and I booked plane tickets with the vile and detestable Ryanair today, along with travel insurance from someone a little less enraging. Words cannot express how much I dislike Ryanair, but they were £100+ clearly the cheaper (even after their devious little additions), so I shall be flying with them. I’m at the end of my quarterly scholarship and paying for the flights out of my own pocket means that I shall be reverting back to raman noodles for the rest of the month. But such is the price of academic progress!

Of course, there’s just one tiny problem. I don’t speak a word of German. What can go wrong!

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