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Sort of published!

So it turns out that I am now sort of, kind of, published-ish!

Okay, so it’s just a short review of the ESF funded Iron in Europe workshop I helped out at, and it’s only the Historical Metallurgy’s Newsletter which isn’t peer-reviewed, but it’s still rather cool.

Of course, I haven’t actually seen it, because despite writing that and despite organising the Research in Progress meeting this autumn, I’m not a member of HMS! However one of my old supervisors told me about it, and said well done, so I assume it all looks fine.

And now I do actually have some sort of thing to put in the ‘recent publications’ box of CVs. Not much, but still – something!

3 thoughts on “Sort of published!”

  1. Congrats! I’m in that sort-of-published place too (just a book review), but it’s nice to have something out there 🙂

    1. Thanks – isn’t it rather nice? It gives me a rather warm feeling – particularly as my review was uncharacteristically (for me!) tame and uncritical so I don’t even have to worry I’ve offended someone 🙂

  2. Heh. I took a risk and was critical. But in my defence, the book they gave me to review was utterly terrible. So I said so. 😀

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