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HMS Research in Progress 2010!

As I mentioned previously, I’m organising the one-day, current work in metallurgy conference for the Historical Metallugy Society. We’re holding it at UCL, on Wednesday 10th November.

This is rather exciting, and we’re hoping to get lots of interesting people to speak. I’d particularly like to get a few people from outside academia to come and speak – professional/contract archaeologists who have dug relevant sites, that kind of thing.

The conference has a webpage up on the HMS site, which contains all the details.

There’s also a conference blog, which is likely to get updated more often.

I’ve even created a facebook event page for it!

The call for papers is out now, deadline Monday 27th September. The registration doc can also be downloaded, and we’d like those in by Friday 5th November.

If you know anyone interested, please link them to one of the main pages above. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask here or email our conference address: rip.hms2010 at If you’ve got any ideas about places I should advertise the conference, I’m all ears!

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