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HMS Research in Progress meeting 2010

In a surprising burst of motivation and enthusiasm I offered to organise the Historical Metallurgy Society’s Research in Progress meeting for 2010 with a colleague of mine.

I have spent the whole of today watching hawk-like over my email as I have sent numerous letters back and forth, but I have successfully settled on a date, booked rooms, created a call-for-papers poster and set up a conference blog. I feel rather successful!

I’m in the process of writing the booking form, conference advertisement poster and the web page that’ll go up on the Historical Metallurgy Society’s web space. Once that’s done, we’ll release the call-for-papers poster, and I shall begin trolling as many email lists, news sites, magazines and forums in an effort to get lots of interesting contributors and attendees.

Until then, I shall give you a sneak peek and post the address of the blog:

There’s only one post, but hopefully soon there will be a rush of information hitting the web. Until then – keep the date!

Historical Metallurgy Society’s Research in Progress meeting

10th November 2010

UCL Institute of Archaeology, London

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