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Nature of Technology issue of Cambridge Journal of Economics

How did I miss this? The Cambridge Journal of Economics has a whole issue on the Nature of Technology! For those of you with access (sorry, it’s not open access), it’s volume 34, issue 1, 2010.

I’m not sure exactly why it’s this journal that’s acting as a venue for this stuff (maybe I’m missing something and this journal is hiding more good stuff) but who cares – it’s exciting! Well, it’s exciting for me because I’m into technology and working out how to construct our knowledge of past technologies beyond ternary diagrams and chemical compositions.

Not sure I really wanted to add this many articles to my ‘to read’ list though! I copied the list below in case anyone’s interested.

Cambridge Journal of Economics – Volume 34 (1), 2010.

Theorising technology Faulkner, – Lawson, – Runde,

Reality and technology Borgmann,

Marxism and the critique of social rationality: from surplus value to the politics of technology Feenberg,

Engineering and the dual nature of technical artefacts Kroes,

How is technology made?-That is the question! Bijker,

On making infrastructure visible: putting the non-humans to rights Pinch,

The textility of making Ingold,

Archaeologies of technology Dobres,

What’s special about human technology? Aunger,

The sociomateriality of organisational life: considering technology in management research Orlikowski,

Feminist theories of technology Wajcman,

Technology and economic theory Metcalfe,

On the nature of technologies: knowledge, procedures, artifacts and production inputs Dosi, – Grazzi,

Technological revolutions and techno-economic paradigms Perez,

Technological change in Capitalism: some Marxian themes Smith,

Clarence Ayres, technology, pragmatism and progress Mayhew,

Controls on capital inflows and the transmission of external shocks David

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