Archaeology, Archaeology Research

Optical microscopy

Some things I’ve learnt this week:

  • In an open lab, every microscope will probably have something wrong with it – if it’s got a polarising lens, it’ll have too dim a light source, if it’s got light, one of the eyepieces will be off!
  • If one of the eyepieces is off, expect motion sickness and a blinder of a headache.
  • Black silver really does pick up a lot of heat from spot lights
  • There sure are a lot of different blobs in iron slag!

But it’s not all iron slag and ugly lumpy rubbish… look at the beautiful snake! He’s a little something I’m working on in my ‘spare’ time (yes, I’m perfectly aware PhD students don’t have spare time, but you know… he’s just so pretty!).

Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to tell you more about him. Until then… I’ll just  have to be content with this lovely microscope picture.

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