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LAMAS conference 2010!

The London and Middlesex Archaeological Society will be holding their annual conference on the 13th March, 2010!

The venue is the Western Theatre, Museum of London, with the morning session starting at a very leisurely 11am, finishing up about 6pm I expect. Cost (inclusive of afternoon tea) will be: LAMAS Members: £8.00 Non-Members: £10.00. Tickets can also be bought online via PayPal at their site.

Ticket applications, display and general enquiries should be addressed to Jon Cotton, Museum of London, 150 London Wall, EC2Y 5HN (

Unfortunately they keep holding these things on or near my mother’s birthday, so I haven’t actually been to one. However it is rather the done thing if you’re active in the London scene, so I hope one day to make it. Most of the talks are by professional archaeologists (contractors) or people running projects in London. That’s actually really awesome, because it means you get an immediate sense of the most exciting stuff going on in London (and there’s a lot!), some of which you may never see published academically, or not for many years.

This year that includes Archaeology South East, Network Archaeology, Pre-Construct, MOLA, the Thames Discovery Programme, the Museum of London, and one lone academic (Martin Biddle, Oxford). Poor guy!

I’m told that the first session on the Belmarsh Prison site is going to be pretty good (Archaeology South East), and there’s a report on the Roman Cemetery at Trinity Street, Southwark, which I shall be sad to miss. Ho hum!

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