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Looking for Archaeologists???

So the East London Advertiser (yes, I know, hardly a famous newspaper!) has a short article that apparently supports the Romanian Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes in it’s reported search for London archaeologists to volunteer on a dig at the end of March/beginning of April.

The work apparently involves excavating graves/a mass grave that was the work of the Communist security services in the 1960s. I find the article a bit political and frankly fake – is it really necessary to pull the heart-strings by mentioning one of the victims was a pregnant woman, or finishing it off with  “The work will be physically and emotionally demanding, but is said to be highly rewarding as tragic personal stories are unearthed and a truth kept hidden for decades is uncovered” ?

I’m guessing they’re aiming this at the Museum of London Archaeology Service and London Archaeological Archives and Research Centre, which are based in Eagle Wharf, near the edge of east london, but who knows. There’s no author attached to the article, and no way of contacting the Romanian Institute that apparently wants help. It’s all a bit weird and doesn’t seem that convincing. I wonder what it’s all about?

Thinking about it, if they really want help they’d be better off contacting Archaeology departments direct – forensic archaeological students would kill for this kind of experience!

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