NMR Data Download site

Thought I’d post a link to the National Monuments Record (NMR) digital data download.

Background info: The NMR is a large resource of databases recording archaeological and hertigae environment data from across the country. In practice this means the largest public collection of aerial photographs, as well as records of almost every archaeological site, and a host of physical archive extras like plans, drawings, and photographs. In short, all kinds of interesting stuff. You can email or ring them and they’ll quite happily trawl through their records and tell you if they have anything you’d like, or send you what digital stuff they have.

However, I recently found out that you don’t need to go to them directly to request digital datasets – you can download them directly! They have digital data (including GIS info) for the following datasets available:

Listed Buildings
Scheduled Monuments
Registered Parks & Gardens
Registered Battlefields
World Heritage Sites
Protected Wreck Sites

Not bad! Unfortunately for the rest of the stuff they have a two-week-or-so waiting list, but if you’re desperate you can always pay to have their special-speedy-service.

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